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Hi, I'm David đŸŽ”

I am a composer, teacher, youtuber and pianist

I’m glad you found me.

You won’t believe it. Creating a meaningful and honest connection with your audience is a dealbreaker. Therefore, we need to establish memorable experiences. And how do we do that? Well, music is the answer! The human ear is even far more sensitive than the eye. Did you know that?

There is an overwhelming majority of productions, which use stock music or do not giva a damn about musical storytelling with depth & detail. That being said, it certainly is easy to make a difference and stand out conversly! 

Connect with your audience

Music is vital for immersive entertainment today!

Let’s say you’re writing for a movie scene. Everything is sketched out in your mind. Until you ask yourself, “how does it feel?”, the impression it makes, feels flat. Feelings are linked to sensory impressions, right? We cannot touch or smell the pixels on our screens. Just looking at fancy material also doesn’t bring it to live.

We need the sound to really get involved in the process. Have you ever watched a movie without sound? Hilarious, right? Foley, Ambience & noise do a lot, but still, everything is a little boring. Some scenes just seem disconnected and meaningless. What is the mood right know? Is there some overarching development?

Let’s fix this! Now we bring in some soft strings, playing a beatuiful motif. Moreover, we are adding woodwinds which embellish various flourishing runs. What about a few percussive accents here and there? Let’s not forget these lovely harp arpeggios that can add further defintion. Finally everything gets overshadowed by a gorgeous, thundering brass section sounding incredibly majestic. Boom. Can you feel it now?

The orchestra is the most epic instrument


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